Where are You Sabotaging Your Success?

Rob is a CEO of a medium sized organisation who has an ambitious and exciting plan for growth. When he came to me for coaching his brief was how do I get more out of my senior team? He had a big long list of complaints… I make all the decisions I solve all the problems They don’t focus on the important things They don’t think beyond the here and now let alone strategic thinking They don’t manage poor performance They micro-manage their teams They’re resistance to change giving excuses of why things won’t work. Rob was stressed, exhausted and wanted a radical shake-up. He believed the solution was to recruit an even more senior manager and put this person in charge of everyone. Beyond offerin

Mood Contagion - Are You Infecting Your Team?

John did very well in his job. As a key account exec, he exceeded targets, was positive and no task insurmountable. John was confident and ambitious to move to the next level. He achieved his goal and promoted to commercial director. Fired up with drive and enthusiasm John repeatedly presented in team meetings, what he thought, were exciting objectives for the next 12 months and beyond. A member of John’s team responded: “…I’ve seen it all before, it won’t work and it won’t happen, how is this any different…?” Over time John became worn down, deflated and frustrated and with this negative attitude. He went to his boss for support, who advised: “I brought you in to shake the tree; keep shaki

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