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One-to-One Executive Coaching 

Executive Coaching will help you harness the skills needed to help you adapt, communicate effectively, inspire and build your team and think strategically.

Why One-to-One Executive Coaching?

The higher you climb in most organisations, the less chance you have of getting feedback about your performance. We seem to make time for everything else, but not the time to give our top people the kind of feedback they need to help them develop.

In today’s world, executive coaching is as valuable as ever – but within many companies, management is more strapped for time than ever before.

"In sports, you would never dream of having the athlete go without a coach. All of the best athletes — regardless of their talent — have a coach, so why not the players of our organisations? Why is it that organisations are willing to take a sink-or-swim approach with such valuable assets?"

The explosion in executive coaching is due to the fact that organisations are beginning to realise that they simply cannot afford to continue to have their leaders just learn the ropes, or to expect them to adjust their styles because the executive has been given a mandate.

In a study by the Center for Creative Leadership, four enduring themes why executives struggle or go off track are present over time and across countries:

  • Inability to change or adapt when a transition is needed

  • Problems with interpersonal relationships

  • Difficulty in inspiring, building and leading a team

  • Inability to meet current business strategies


These themes cry out for the personal attention of an Executive Coach. More and more people understand that to be coached is to reach goals faster.


It can be lonely at the top for executives. Who are the executives going to confide in? Who will provide them honest feedback, develop them professionally and point out the blind spots?

Jennifer will provide the needed guidance, support, feedback and resources to develop executives and their full leadership potential.

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