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Team Development with Emergenetics

Utilising Emergenetics flagship Meeting of the Minds motivational and inspiring team coaching session galvanises teams to work together more productively for greater output, empowering teams to take ownership and responsibility of their current performance levels. You will:


  • Learn to understand how your team ‘works’ – decision making, problem-solving, responding to change

  • Developing excellent communication skills

  • Learn how to get the best from yourself and your team

  • Learn how to further develop key relationships

  • Learn how to leverage the thinking and behavioural diversity of your team

Team Development Coaching is used to support, develop and grow high-performing teams. Improving understanding and better communication. The primary skills in this process are about raising self-awareness about individual behaviour and the way it positively or negatively impacts on others.

High performing teams are crucial to your bottom line results.  
All the best improvement techniques are of limited use if the culture of the organisation is not one where the entire workforce operates as one team.

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Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds Team Development focuses on:

Leveraging diversity of thinking to better:

  • Problem-solve and resolve conflict

  • Planning and actions

  • Managing relationships

  • Leadership

  • Effective Communication

  • Team Development

  • Identifying the barriers to peak team performance

  • Understanding of how individual communication positively or negatively impacts on others

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