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Why JenniferBakerCoach?

Jennifer Baker is a professionally trained Executive Coach with a strategic business background. She specialises in the personal and professional development of people who want to increase their performance and develop their careers.

Originally from Sydney, Australia Jennifer transferred to the UK in the ’90s. Her career includes over 20 years’ experience in the food industry in senior management, marketing and sales across Europe.

Jennifer established her coaching practice in 2006 and has delivered executive coaching, career coaching and development programmes to the manufacturing, services, charity and education industries, covering a broad range of private and public sector clients.

About my Coaching

A focused coaching philosophy and essential core ethics underpin all my work – where I am driven to help others and deliver results with integrity. My vision is to make a real difference to my clients through the development of their key asset – their people.

JenniferBakerCoach brings you success through….

  • One-to-One Executive Coaching - working with individuals to help them fulfil their potential. Enhance skills, develop increased confidence, overcome barriers and increase satisfaction and performance at work.

  • Career Coaching - working with individuals to help them identify and realise their career ambitions and fulfil their potential. Career Coaching takes you from uncertainty to having a clear vision of a career that is right for you, and a plan for how to create it.

    I offer a selection of Career Coaching programmes:

  • Leadership Development - focused on developing the best practice of skills and behaviours, communication, managing relationships, engaging your team; and to lead change; inspiring those you lead to achieve more than they thought possible. Developing your leadership capability will transform the performance of you, your team and your organisation. 

    • Bespoke Leadership Development programmes

    • One-to-One Leadership Coaching

  • Emergenetics Psychometric Profiling – Individual profiles and Teams profiles. Improving emotional intelligence, communication, teamwork and performance.

  • Emergenetics Recruitment Profiling – Determining behaviours, motivators and aptitudes for success in the job, minimising recruitment risk.

  • Emotional Intelligence – an in-depth assessment providing a framework for understanding how you manage yourself to be personally and interpersonally effective.


I use coaching principles in everything I do – this is a more robust methodology that leads to coachees taking ownership of their actions, and results in them leaving enthusiastic and confident. They are then ready to implement the skills and behaviours they have learned, thus delivering increased ROI for their organisations.

If you would like to talk to Jennifer about Executive Leadership, Team Development, Career Coaching, Retirement Coaching or Emergenetics Profiling, get in touch today


Jennifer is enthusiastic and highly self-motivated, with a strong drive to affect positive change in her clients.  Her clients value her open, ethical and practical approach, understanding the importance of people within the need to deliver results. She believes nothing is more fulfilling than helping others succeed, and that people can often achieve more than what they think. Jennifer aims to uncover and encourage that potential.


Jennifer qualified through the Coaching Academy (Distinction) and is a Member of the Association for Coaching.  She is an Advanced Certified Associate in the neuroscience-based Emergenetics Psychometric Profiling and Recruitment Tools. She undertakes ongoing coaching supervision to ensure her Code of Ethics and Continuous Professional Development is maintained.

Jennifer enjoys working with clients who have already been successful in their lives and career but often just want to create more. This may be achieving more in their current profession or to a complete career change or planning to retire.

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