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Develop high-performing employees and stronger teams with 360-degree feedback insights that drive development, productivity and engagement.

360-degree feedback – when it’s not just the boss’s view that counts!

Imagine your boss was the only person giving you feedback on your performance. Sadly that’s still the reality of professional development for many people today.

360-degree feedback is designed to get around this. You’re rated on your performance by people who know something about you and your work. You complete your own self-assessment which is compared against feedback from your colleagues - Direct Reports, Peers, Managers, Customers or Clients, in fact, anybody whose opinion you respect and who is familiar with you and your work can be included in the feedback process.

This multi-source approach can give a real insight into how different groups see you as a person.

With a 360 Report, you can quickly and easily see where to focus your efforts to develop your top performers. Managers receive real-time reports identifying strengths and areas for improvement for each team member. Plus, with built-in action planning, you will have the tools to turn data into improvements and help your direct reports develop their skills.

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