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Executive Career and Leadership Coach

Jennifer Baker is a professionally trained Executive Coach who enables Executives, Business Leaders and Managers to explore and fulfil their personal and career potential.

Jennifer’s strength is her combination of business acumen and rapport in connecting with people from different backgrounds, experience, and positions.

Through leadership and management development Jennifer is highly passionate and motivated in helping organisations transform performance and for individuals finding the personal development skills needed to achieve their greatest goals professionally and personally.

Jennifer Baker Coach

Jennifer Baker Coach

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So, there I was, at a leadership and Emergenetics programme organised by Jennifer. As a grizzled old professional I’ve been on a few courses and most are either ‘sharp suited nonsense’ or ‘pseudo enlightenment’. However, this one was useful so my cynical nature took a short holiday and I joined in with the festivities

I found out more about me than I thought I knew but far more importantly I gained insight about others and how to communicate. None of this seminary was a chore it was a pleasure and although there is a science base to Energenetics, you’ll find yourself seeing it as plain common sense coupled with a feeling of free spirit. 

Colin Milne Director
City Underwriters 

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